66 Years Old

Since 1952, our charity has proclaimed the gospel through preaching and by using the latest media. Originally, that meant radio and print media – today, we continue that legacy with award-winning online outreach.

Online Impact

Over the last 8 years, the team at Speak Life have produced 548 video resources. Collectively these online videos have been viewed over 5 million times online.


As a team, we have won 6 awards from the Jerusalem Awards and the Premier Digital Awards for creative media. 

Just watched He Came Down and can't recommend highly enough - a whole new angle on the beauty of Jesus as one of us.
Justin Welby
Justin Welby
Archbishop of Cantebury
Main Event Week at Durham

Training & Publishing

We’ve been involved training thousands of Christians in personal evangelism. Glen & Paul speak hundreds of times each year in churches, student unions, and schools. We have also been an accredited Learning Community for Union School of Theology. Our books have sold over 100,000 copies


The Foundry is the next step in Speak Life’s development. We want to do more, we want to do better and we want to do it together with others. Our great desire is to multiply not only our media but to multiply missionaries to reach the nation and the world.

Behind the Scenes The Gift
If I could sit with an unbeliever today and watch a gospel presentation, we would watch 3,2,1.
John Piper
John Piper
Pastor & Author